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AMP Alternative Medical Products und die Waldhausklinik Deuringen kündigen klinische Studie zur Untersuchung der Wirkung von medizinischem Cannabis an

Wirkung von Cannabis
 21. September 2021

AMP Alternative Medical Products und die Waldhausklinik Deuringen kündigen klinische Studie zur Untersuchung der Wirkung von medizinischem Cannabis an

Erfurt / Berlin and Stadtbergen, Germany, September 13, 2021 - AMP Alternative Medical Products Inc. (Frankfurt: C4TA, ISIN: CA0318961038) (CSE: XCX), a pharmaceutical supplier of medical cannabis products to German pharmacies, and WaldhausKlinik Deuringen gGmbH ( "Waldhausklinik"), a non-profit acute clinic for internal medicine in the Free State of Bavaria, announce that they have entered into a cooperation to research the effectiveness and safety of medical cannabis.

The managing director of the Waldhausklinik in Augsburg and health scientist Dr. Dr. Tobias Romeyke will apply to the responsible authorities for a clinical study on the therapeutic use of cannabis extracts with a focus on pain therapy in patients suffering from multilocular chronic pain.As part of a retrospectively controlled study, THC- and CBD-containing cannabis drugs are to be used in a multimodal treatment setting. In addition, further case studies are planned for the scientific evaluation.

AMP was selected by the Waldhausklinik to provide the patients participating in the study with medicinal cannabis extracts in accordance with the European Union's Good Manufacturing Practice (“EU-GMP”).

The main objective of this controlled long-term study is to evaluate the effectiveness of THC and CBD in medical cannabis in terms of pain, quality of life and pain reliever use. Secondary objectives also include recording the patient's psychiatric and general medical condition, including possible side effects.

Up to forty patients will be enrolled in a two-year clinical trial and may continue treatment if their doctor approves after the trial is complete.

In 2020, more than 128,000 German patients were prescribed medical cannabis products by doctors, of which 90 percent of the prescriptions were taken over by the statutory health insurance companies, according to the sixth edition of the European Cannabis Report, which was compiled by Prohibition Partners. Denied insurance applications are usually due to a lack of supporting clinical evidence.

AMP invests in clinical research studies on medical cannabis carried out in Germany with the aim of improving patient access, providing clinical evidence for doctors, reducing the number of rejected applications and reimbursing medical conditions related to medical Cannabis can be treated by public health insurances.

The managing director of the WaldhausKlinik Deuringen, Dr. Dr. Tobias Romeyke said: “It is important that Germany begin to conduct its own clinical studies on the potential medical benefits of cannabis. AMP's complete therapeutic catalog of medical cannabis products ensures that patients in our study will have all the prescription options available for their treatment. "

Dr. Stefan Feuerstein, President and Director of AMP: “AMP's investment in clinical trials of medical cannabis that are being carried out in Germany can benefit patient health as doctors have more information to make the correct diagnosis and that to prescribe the correct preparation. Statutory health insurance companies may find that medical cannabis can play an important role in the treatment of pain and other therapies, which may lower overall patient costs. ”

About the Waldhausklinik

“THC and CBD use in a multimodal treatment setting: a retrospective controlled study in patients with multilocular chronic pain.” Waldhausklinik Deuringen GmbH is a non-profit acute clinic for internal medicine and pain therapy founded by Augsburg doctors in 1966, the aim of which is individual, patient-oriented treatment is.

About AMP

AMP Alternative Medical Products (formerly AMP German Cannabis Group) is a supplier of medical cannabis and CBD cannabis products to German pharmacies through its subsidiary AMP Alternative Medical Products GmbH with offices in Erfurt and Berlin, Germany. AMP works in accordance with the German Narcotics Act (BtMG) and the regulatory requirements of the Free State of Thuringia, which ensures that the products imported by AMP from all over the world and sold in Germany meet the standard of the European Union - Good Manufacturing Practice (EU-GMP) - correspond

The AMP panel discussions discuss topics related to medical cannabis in Germany and are available as podcasts and videos. In episode no. 2, "Politics and Medical Cannabis in Germany", Dr. Wieland Schinnenburg, Member of the Bundestag (FDP), a current overview of the political issues and challenges of the medical cannabis industry in Germany. Further details can be found at

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